Food Hackathon + U4HK

Halloween Weekend
October 28th-30th, 2016

swissnex San Francisco
Pier 17, San Francisco, USA

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$10,000 cash prize


An international community — beyond political, racial, religious and national differences — will gather to hack our food system for the benefit of our children.

The Food Hackathon + Forum invites you to collaborate on creating, prototyping and birthing hardware and software solutions to some of the greatest challenges we face in feeding our future generations by attending this three day fully immersive educational experience.

Join us as a Hacker, Sponsor and/or Mentor as we unite for Kids Health.


How can we support parents in effortlessly guiding their children to establish healthier eating, drinking, and lifestyle habits?

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  • Cecily Upton

  • Kirsten Tobey

    Revolution Foods
  • Sara Roversi

    Future Food + FIP Director
  • Tim West

    True West Ventures
  • Ann Veneman

  • Dj CaveM & Alkemia Earth

  • Sanjay Sehgal





  • Brian Frank

    FTW Ventures
  • Matthew Ridenour

    Open Ideo
  • Stephanie Naegeli

    Nestle Innovation Outpost
  • Sarah Smith

    Institute for the Future
  • Matthew Lange

    UC Davis
  • Lawrence Williams

    United States Healthful Food Council
  • Sara Roversi

    Future Food + FIP Director
  • Andrea Magelli

    You Can Group
  • Nick Difino

    Future Food
  • Adam Elmaghraby

    True West Ventures
  • Sophie Lamparter

    Swissnex San Francisco
  • Dominic Sutter

    Swissnex San Francisco
  • Danielle Gould

    Food + Tech Connect
  • Peter Herz

    Food System 6
  • Elianna Friedman

    Founder & Executive Director Bay Leaf Kitchen
  • AshEL Eldridge

    The Urban Farmacy
  • Julian Davis

    Julian Davis Law
  • Tom Robinson

    Professor in Child Health and Professor of Medicine / Stanford University and Stanford Prevention Research Center
  • Emmie Satrazemis

    Wellness Evangelist / Raley’s

Media Partners

In-Kind Beverage Sponsors



  • Rob Trice

    Better Food Ventures
  • Rob Case

  • Sarah Williams

    Food System 6
  • Dj CaveM & Alkemia Earth

  • Chris Lai

    Horizons Ventures
  • Sherry Huss

    Maker Media & Maker Faire

Judging Criteria

100 points

  • Accessibility

    20 points

  • Financial Sustainability

    20 points

  • Scalability

    20 points

  • Innovativeness

    20 points

  • Fun

    20 points


Pier 17, Suite 800
San Francisco CA 94111

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The winning teams


Salad Sultan

A 10 day grow kit, a living micro-greens sculpture that kids can play with, wear, and then eat.



An interactive AR app that allows kids to catch new foods, and discover what makes them nutrient dense and exciting to eat.


Zombie Eats

A food waste product company that develop purees and pulps for packaged food bases that can be targeted to kids as snacks.